Kingdom & Will Beginnings - K's Perspective

Kingdom & Will Beginnings - K's Perspective

Hello lovely people. :) This is a story all about how .... Kingdom & Will started. :P 

2019 was a rough year for me. I was in-between jobs & I had a couple ideas going on how I could make money. I was thinking of starting my own business, but for a long time, I was actually a lot against the entrepreneurial life. I didn't think I had the right "personality" for it. Seeing my dilemma, Jay had the lovely idea to start a business so that he could teach me business. 

Given my circumstance of not having a job & there being certain work spaces I couldn't put myself into, I figured it wouldn't hurt. Plus I was going in with my big bro in Christ & he doesn't fail. Soooo *boom* Kingdom & Will was born.

Jay's been there for me since I first met him & he knows me better than I know myself (totally cliche, but I'm serious... it's weird). He can tell you first hand how much I haaaatttteeeed the beginning of this process. I don't even know how he put up with me. Lol. It took me forever to make my first couple of shirts. My first couple designs weren't so great. I thought "good enough" was actually good enough. & I counted all my mess ups as complete failures & not learning experiences. I don't know how many times I told Jay I wasn't good enough to do this business & that I just can't do it. But instead of saying "Ok, we don't have to do it anymore," he pushed on my "I don't like to quit" button. 

Now, because of all this perseverance, I can make shirts much quicker & my design game is pretty decent. Lol. There is still sooo much more for me to learn & I'm enjoying this process. Even though my flesh still tries to tell me that I'm not good enough, I'm reminded that I'm much farther along than I was in the beginning & that it's only natural to get even better. I enjoy creating purely scripture based designs to advance God's Kingdom & His Will on earth like it is in Heaven!

Love y'all! :)

Kabronica <3


  • Jerry

    I just got my pocketed sweatshirt in the mail. It’s exactly what I wanted, size, quality and everything. And the personalized message was top notch. Kingdom & Will has gained a steady customer.

  • Clark

    Kabronica, your designs are simply beautiful, and my pastor from Reflections Church in Brooklyn, NY just finished a series on the “Lord’s Prayer”, so the Kingdom & Will line is a perfect gift. Thanks, I’m glad to support businesses that feature the message of the kingdom, and also support communities of color. May God continue to bless and all the best for the coming year

  • Karen

    Love the personal handwritten notes of encouragement for your customers!

  • Dean Renninger

    Hello. I just came across your clothing on The IG, and I was excited to check it out. I love your new Have Mercy line, and I’m wondering if you are planning to release a hoodie version of it. Thanks!
    I loved reading how you started this business, and I’m glad you pushed through. Your work is beautiful, and the messages are strong. Thank you.

  • Aldrian

    Saw this immediately on instagram and just knew had to grab a couple of shirts…Looks fresh…Christian Aparrel doesn’t have to be Basic… We need that Uniqueness afterall we are set apart…

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